About Me

Why I Love Photography

I absolutely love what I’m doing. Being a photographer is my dream job and I feel so lucky to share my passion and love with so many people.

After several years at the University of Biology in Innsbruck, I decided science wasn’t for me and it was time to follow my heart and pursue my passion for photography.
I moved to Scotland in the year 2000 and completed my studies in professional photography and applied arts a few years later.
After finishing my degree, I started working as a freelancer for
clients like ‘Red Bull’ and various British newspapers and magazines.
I consider myself fortunate to have won multiple awards during this
time for my art and reportage work.



During this time my self-expression as an artistic photographer also really developed and I began to exhibit my work to acclaimed success.

After moving to the countryside with my boyfriend (now husband) to the North-East of Scotland, I fell in love with weddings and all that goes with it. All the happy, touching, beautifully human moments that weddings bring out in people. I love working as a wedding photographer and I find this aspect of my work the most personally rewarding.
“Beatrice has the ability to combine what she has seen with what she feels in a photograph. Her commissioned work as a photographer covers mostly portrait, wedding and Event photography.  
Her pictures, full of expression, speak a language that needs no words to create an impression.”   Excerpt from the newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung.